how to access Windows 8, the BIOS & boot menu

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you probably need to disable UAC.

    Run Registry Editor (RegEdit).
    Navigate to the following registry key:
    Locate the following REG_DWORD value:
    Set the value of EnableLUA to 0.
    Optional step to suppress UAC consent prompt dialog, locate the following REG_DWORD value:

    Set the value of ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin to 0 (optional).
    Exit from Registry Editor and restart the computer to turn off UAC.

Windows 8 Shutdown restart button

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How to enable local Administrator account in Windows 8

By default, the local Administrator account in Windows 8 is disabled. There are certain programs that require the user to be logged in using the local administrator account in order to install software or perform some action on the computer. Even though you normal user account is considered an “administrator” account, you will still be prompted by UAC when performing certain actions on the computer click here to read how to fix

advantages of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8

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